– Spectacular Christmas Sunset Cruise with Sail Oahu-December 27th 2017

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December 27th 2017 – Spectacular Christmas Sunset Cruise

Spectacular Christmas Sunset Cruise-December 27th 2017

After the previous nights torrential rain, storm and winds, we weren’t too confident as to how the weather would hold up, but regardless we set sail at 4.30 with the Morris family, Mum,  Dad , Son, Daughter and their spouses.

The wind was still light and variable, coming from the North then in a heartbeat changing so the Captain called to hoist the jib and we headed out on a beam reach with Diamond Head visible but getting smaller and Koko Crater coming into view.

The bean bag chairs are a great favorite on the bow of the boat, comfortable and safe, it seems once your in them you stay there and just relax while the crew looks after you, fetching drinks and keeping you informed as to where we are and what to look out for.

The Captain ordered to “Tack” and as we turned the sun caught the tips of the clouds in Waikiki and turned them pink and orange, it was absolutely breathtaking, which whilst we were all enjoying this scene the Captain told us to turn our attention to the sunset that was just starting over the ocean, this was shaping up to be truly a spectacular Christmas sunset cruise.

The wine was flowing as we turned into the harbor, the sun had dipped below the horizon, I love watching the surfers riding the waves at Bowls as we come into the channel, keeping pace with someone who’s standing on a board is fun, passing the shore fishermen who always wave, we are blessed to live here in Hawaii.

The yacht pulled effortlessly into the slip and dinner was served, the end to a perfect sunset sail.



Waikiki reflecting the sunset

Spectacular Sunset


The Morris family

The Salon


Sail Oahu Charters for Louis Vuitton, July 2017

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We were lucky to be asked to set sail for Louis Vuitton’s invited guests staying at the Four Seasons in Ko Olina.

Our beautiful yacht sailed 5 times from the Ala Wai boat harbor with Louis Vuitton’s very special guests on board, they came from all over the world and are amongst some of the very best customers for the recognizable LV trademarked company.

We had some “Beautiful people” grace our decks, the sailing was amazing and the gourmet feast after we arrived back in the slip was delicious, chef made such a special effort, how he made that chocolate torte, I have no idea, it was to die for!

I was amazed at how many different fashions and accessories Louis Vuitton designs and makes, when I saw a bikini with LV on it I didn’t mean to stare, but it was so nice!

The sailing was beautiful, the sun shone and winds blew just right to sail out to Diamond Head and back to Pearl Harbor, I felt proud to be a part of the crew on our stunning boat. Can’t wait to set sail again soon.

Snorkeling with Turtles, sunbathing and sailing with Sail Oahu

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With the sun rising up above Diamond head, Trade winds blowing 12 to 15 knots, it was a perfect day to sail, enjoy the sun and take our guests the Wilson family snorkeling at Turtle Canyon.

Captain Alan reversed the 70 foot sailing yacht expertly out of her slip into the fairway as the crew made fenders and line away and stored them in the lazarets, I gave the all clear and we started to raise the sails into a perfect” blow” for sailing.

As our guests made themselves comfortable lying on the plush foam sun beds on the sunning deck I made drinks. The sound of the Ocean and wind was all we could hear as we tacked towards Turtle Canyon, the best place on Oahu to watch Honu or  Green Sea Turtles in their natural habitat.

Captain Alan gave a short explanation of what the Wilson Family would see when they were snorkeling, they were amazed at the explanation of the Turtle Cleaning station where Honu wait in line to enter the bowl shaped outcrop of coral and have tiny fish clean them, just like at a car wash and when they were right above the turtles, in the sea, I could hear their squeals of delight as they watched this phenomena



Once back on board where they were met be a warm shower and fluffy towels and we started to make our way gently back home.

I was glad that young Jamie had made use of the sunscreen, spending time in the water you just don’t feel the suns heat as much as on dry land so I was grateful that Beth had listened to our advice, theres nothing worse than sun burn!

With the wind in our faces we turned back into the harbor and our home slip.

Hawaiian “Pupu’s” were enjoyed by our patrons with more drinks in the spacious cockpit.


Sail Oahu – Super romantic wedding anniversary Sunset Sail

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We were very excited to go out for our first ever sunset sail on our beautiful mega yacht with Frank and Margy who were celebrating their 5 year wedding anniversary

The crew busied themselves with the last few checks and after Captain Alan gave the safety briefing we were all set to go. The water was a little choppy going out of the harbor but nothing that almost 70 foot of yacht would feel.

We decided to sail towards Diamond Head then turn into the wind and come back towards Magic Island to watch Mother Natures greatest show a Hawaiian Sunset. The wind has been blowing “Kona” for a couple of days now and when that happens you know that the sun going down into the ocean lights the sky on fire.

WOW, we were not disappointed, Margy and Frank held hands as the sun slid slowly into the sea, and they toasted each other with a bottle of iced champagne, it was super romantic!

Captain Alan and the crew started to re furl the sails and make the yacht ready to come back into the harbor, which gave the two love birds some privacy in the cockpit to plan the rest of their romantic vacation in Oahu.

Once back in the slip pupu’s were served, fresh Ahi, Lomi Lomi, cucumber kim chee, pipi kaula, and crab salad and then it was time to “talk story” and give advice about where to go and what to do on Oahu as they hadn’t really made any plans, so we were all very happy to tell them about secret spots and favorite restaurants.

Bidding farewell to Margy and Frank was like saying goodbye to old friends, I know they will be back again, that always gives me a nice warm glow, the perfect end to a perfect  day.


Perfect sailing day – Yachting Luxury with Sail Oahu

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The sun rose perfectly over Diamond Head. I instinctively knew today was going to be a memorable yachting day. Alan, Jane, Bob, Sarah and I went for a beautiful sail on our deluxe yacht, the most comfortable yacht in Hawaii. Leaving from  the Ala Wai Boat Harbor, the wind was just right. Captain Alan called the clear as we backed out of the slip and pointed the bow of the boat towards the head buoy. I put the fenders in the lockers and tidied lines and we hoisted the foresail. We kept Waikiki on our Port side and as Diamond head coming ever closer we turned the boat into the wind and sailed a beam reach for an hour.

Jane Sarah and Bob enjoyed Mai Tai’s and PuPu’s with  the sound of just the wind, no motor, just the sails and air moving fast over taught line.

After a tranquil afternoon we decided to turn the boat towards the Island of Oahu again. Captain Alan gave the command “Tacking” and I manned the lines and watched the Foresail move around the main sail with ease as we came about.

Their on the starboard side as if by magic dolphins were playing in our wash. Here in Hawaii Spinner dolphins are quite common, but these were Bottlenose dolphins their larger cousins, what a treat they are so amazing, the way they almost surf the bow wave!

As we pulled back into the harbor the sun was just starting to sink into the Pacific Ocean. After we secured lines and anchored  the fenders against the yachts gleaming pearl white hull  it was time to sit and talk story, whilst we all watched the last rays of the sun light the sky orange, pink, and rose.the  It really was the perfect end to a perfect day