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Perfect Day – Sailing with Super Models Sunday with Sail Oahu

Sunday was a beautiful day in every way! The wind was just right as we pulled out of the slip at the Ala Wai Boat Harbor. With lovelies on board for a Perfect Day sailing with Super Models Sunday with Sail Oahu.

SV Shalimar turned into the trade winds as the crew hauled the Genoa up. At 130 she’s an enormous sail, plenty big enough for the light and variable winds predicted for the day sail.

In no time at all the yacht was doing 8 knots. The boat was just ploughing through the waves keeping everything nice and steady on board.

The crew was trying to keep out of the way of the photographers as they snapped away at the models. We decided to pull into the Bite and drop anchor. That gave everyone more  time and when they were done they could all go for a relaxing swim.

Buffet lunch was served in the air conditioned salon on the huge guests table.  The models didn’t eat much although they loved the fresh pineapple.

SV Shalimar welcomes lovely ladies

Perfect Day sailing with Super Models Sunday with Sail Oahu

It was a hard days work, swimsuits and makeup were a plenty, the girls were gorgeous.

The photographers were very  professional working very hard to get the best shot. When  the day was done and the cameras were all put away it was time for a drink and a much deserved swim.  The pristine blue water of the Pacific Ocean beckoned to everyone.

The Dive Master crew member was in the water to help out just in case with the tag line floating beside the boat.

After everyone had a hot shower and another drink it was time to haul the anchor and head home

A truly Super day out sailing with “SAIL OAHU”

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