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Sail Oahu – Super 2 hour day sail on SV Shalimar, best sailing day ever!

Captain of the boat

Super Day Sail on SV Shalimar

Sail Oahu – the super 2 hour day sail on SV Shalimar.

The decks were washed, stainless polished, covers removed and we were ready for our guests.

We left the Ala Wai harbor with very little wind, Captain Alan called for the Mainsail to be raised and also the Genoa (the huge foresail.) Our guests decided to go and sit on the bow in the bean bag chairs, the very best place to enjoy the ocean views.

We passed Waikiki and sailed out towards Diamond Head. I never get tired of this view, how can you?

The wind was still light but Shall was clipping along quite nicely.

There was a pod of Spinner Dolphins playing about 30 yards from the boat, jumping out of the water twisting in the air before they splashed back down into the sea, what a treat!

Shalimar at sea

Relaxing on the bow


Best sailing day ever!

The boat sailed on past Diamond Head. We usually tack here and turn back towards Waikiki and then on towards Pearl Harbor.

Normally the Ocean can get a little larger here if the wind is blowing, but today it was so light Captain Alan decided to keep on the same tack. We headed out towards open Ocean.

What a perfect day for sailing!

As we passed the Head Shalimar healed over to port.

The wind was constant and the water was not at all choppy. The boat was just gliding through the sea. We reached 9 knots before we realized it was time to head back. We could have just kept going and reached Tahiti in 14 days!


Captain and Crew

Captain Alan


Whales on the way home

Lunch was served on the bow as it wasn’t too windy, our guests were having the time of their lives.

To cap it all we saw a mother and baby humpback whale playing about 75 feet away from Shalimar., the first whales I have seen this season, with a tale slap from the calf they were gone.

This was truly the best sailing day ever!

Come Sail Oahu.