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Perfect Sailing Day – Yachting Luxury with Sail Oahu

The sun rose perfectly over Diamond Head. I instinctively knew today was going to be a memorable yachting day. Alan, Jane, Bob, Sarah and I went for a beautiful sail on our deluxe yacht, the most comfortable yacht in Hawaii. Leaving from the Ala Wai Boat Harbor, the wind was just right. Captain Alan called the clear as we backed out of the slip and pointed the bow of the boat towards the head buoy. I put the fenders in the lockers and tidied lines and we hoisted the foresail. We kept Waikiki on our Port side and as Diamond head coming ever closer we turned the boat into the wind and sailed a beam reach for an hour.

Jane Sarah and Bob enjoyed Mai Tai’s and PuPu’s with the sound of just the wind, no motor, just the sails and air moving fast over the taut line.

After a tranquil afternoon, we decided to turn the boat towards the Island of Oahu again. Captain Alan gave the command “Tacking” and I manned the lines and watched the Foresail move around the mainsail with ease as we came about.

There on the starboard side, as if by magic, dolphins were playing in our wash. Here in Hawaii Spinner dolphins are quite common, but these were Bottlenose dolphins their larger cousins, what a treat they are so amazing, the way they almost surf the bow wave!

As we pulled back into the harbor the sun was just starting to sink into the Pacific Ocean. After we secured lines and anchored the fenders against the yachts gleaming pearl white hull, it was time to sit and talk story, whilst we all watched the last rays of the sunlight the sky orange, pink, and rose. It really was the perfect end to a perfect day.

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