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Super Romantic Wedding Anniversary Sunset Sail

A bright orange sunset over the ocean

We were very excited to go out for our first ever sunset sail on our beautiful mega yacht with Frank and Margy who were celebrating their 5 year wedding anniversary

The crew busied themselves with the last few checks and after Captain Alan gave the safety briefing we were all set to go. The water was a little choppy going out of the harbor but nothing that almost 70 foot of yacht would feel.

We decided to sail towards Diamond Head then turn into the wind and come back towards Magic Island to watch Mother Natures greatest show a Hawaiian Sunset. The wind has been blowing “Kona” for a couple of days now and when that happens you know that the sun going down into the ocean lights the sky on fire.

WOW, we were not disappointed, Margy and Frank held hands as the sun slid slowly into the sea, and they toasted each other with a bottle of iced champagne, it was super romantic!

Captain Alan and the crew started to refurl the sails and make the yacht ready to come back into the harbor, which gave the two lovebirds some privacy in the cockpit to plan the rest of their romantic vacation in Oahu.

Once back in the slip pupu’s were served, fresh Ahi, Lomi Lomi, cucumber kimchee, pipi kaula, and crab salad and then it was time to “talk story” and give advice about where to go and what to do on Oahu as they hadn’t really made any plans, so we were all very happy to tell them about secret spots and favorite restaurants.

Bidding farewell to Margy and Frank was like saying goodbye to old friends, I know they will be back again, that always gives me a nice warm glow, the perfect end to a perfect day.

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