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Snorkeling with Turtles, Sunbathing, and Sailing with Sail Oahu

With the sun rising up above Diamond head, Trade winds blowing 12 to 15 knots, it was a perfect day to sail, enjoy the sun and take our guests the Wilson family snorkeling at Turtle Canyon.

Captain Alan reversed the 70-foot sailing yacht expertly out of her slip into the fairway as the crew made fenders and line away and stored them in the lazarets, I gave the all clear and we started to raise the sails into a perfect” blow” for sailing.

As our guests made themselves comfortable lying on the plush foam sunbeds on the sunning deck I made drinks. The sound of the Ocean and wind was all we could hear as we tacked towards Turtle Canyon, the best place on Oahu to watch Honu or  Green Sea Turtles in their natural habitat.

Captain Alan gave a short explanation of what the Wilson Family would see when they were snorkeling, they were amazed at the explanation of the Turtle Cleaning station where Honu wait in line to enter the bowl-shaped outcrop of coral and have tiny fish clean them, just like at a car wash and when they were right above the turtles, in the sea, I could hear their squeals of delight as they watched this phenomenon.

Once back on board where they were met by a warm shower and fluffy towels and we started to make our way gently back home.

I was glad that young Jamie had made use of the sunscreen, spending time in the water you just don’t feel the suns heat as much as on dry land so I was grateful that Beth had listened to our advice, there’s nothing worse than sunburn!

With the wind in our faces, we turned back into the harbor and our home slip.

Hawaiian “Pupu’s” were enjoyed by our patrons with more drinks in the spacious cockpit.

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