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Whale Watching, The Humpbacks Return Early This Year, Welcome Home!

A whale jumping out of the water
We were sailing yesterday, the wind was blowing 15, we were clipping along at 9 knots with the main and the foresail flying when in the not too far off a Whale spout, followed by another and a tail slap… They are back and early this year. Welcome home to the giants of the Pacific Ocean.
The entire crew from the Captain down are so looking forward to sailing with the Whales, there’s nothing like a mother and calf surfacing next to the boat, the babies are so inquisitive, and always the Consort protecting them, there’s something quite magical being able to look into their eyes and then they are gone to resurface again when the calf needs.
Here at Sail Oahu Whale watching is an art form,  and showing these beautiful mammals the utmost respect is our main concern.
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