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Spectacular Christmas Sunset Cruise with Sail Oahu

After the previous night’s torrential rain, storm and winds, we weren’t too confident as to how the weather would hold up, but regardless we set sail at 4.30 with the Morris family, Mum, Dad, Son, Daughter, and their spouses.

The wind was still light and variable, coming from the North then in a heartbeat changing so the Captain called to hoist the jib and we headed out on a beam reach with Diamond Head visible but getting smaller and Koko Crater coming into view.

The bean bag chairs are a great favorite on the bow of the boat, comfortable and safe, it seems once you’re in them you stay there and just relax while the crew looks after you, fetching drinks and keeping you informed as to where we are and what to look out for.

The Captain ordered to “Tack” and as we turned the sun caught the tips of the clouds in Waikiki and turned them pink and orange, it was absolutely breathtaking, which whilst we were all enjoying this scene the Captain told us to turn our attention to the sunset that was just starting over the ocean, this was shaping up to be truly a spectacular Christmas sunset cruise.

The wine was flowing as we turned into the harbor, the sun had dipped below the horizon, I love watching the surfers riding the waves at Bowls as we come into the channel, keeping pace with someone who’s standing on a board is fun, passing the shore fishermen who always wave, we are blessed to live here in Hawaii.

The yacht pulled effortlessly into the slip and dinner was served, the end to a perfect sunset sail.

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