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Family Yachting Day-Sail, Luxury All the Way

Sail Oahu ventured into Family yachting on a magical day – sail and snorkel. It was luxury all the way.

For 4 hours the Hunters and the Cromies came and Sailed Oahu with us. The wind was just right as we pulled out of the slip for a sail and snorkel. The whole family made themselves comfortable. Mum and Dad, Alice and Andrew, their parents, John and Joy and sister Kate joined by the two most adorable children, Isobel (6) and James (2, 1/2)

The sailing was awesome.  The way better part of the day was when the kids went snorkeling with mum and dad.

A warm shower and fluffy towels were waiting for them as they left the Ocean.

Animals seem to know when innocence is present. After 2 minutes of the children being in the water, we were surrounded by Honu. ( Hawaiian Turtles) Isobel and James were not at all afraid of the majestic huge turtles. Making eye contact Isobel let out a little yelp of joy, only 6 years old and snorkeling like a pro!

Their eyes were enormous as they entered the warm Pacific ocean. The luxury 70-foot yacht was tethered to the mooring ball at Turtle Canyon.

A quick dry off and lunch was served. A feast awaited them below in the fully air-conditioned salon. Hummus and salsa with tortilla chips. Hawaiian ahi poké. Croissants with 3 different kinds of hams, salami, turkey and assorted cheeses and two different dipping sauces. Jumbo Shrimp with cocktail sauce. House salad with very very secret salad dressing.

The crew upped from the mooring and whilst the guests were enjoying their lunch we started back toward the harbor.

The end of a perfect day, one that two tiny people will never forget.


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