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Sailing and Snorkeling with Circus Friends, Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

We welcomed our Circus friends onto SV Shalimar. for a sailing and snorkeling adventure.

After the safety talk, we pulled out into the harbor.

The coolers were full and everyone made their way onto the bow of the yacht. Bean bag chairs are ideal on a boat, everyone made themselves comfortable, even our bulldog Sydney was having fun, with there ears to the wind and her life vest on, she loves to sail.

Captain Alan gave the command to hoist the main and the staysail. Shalimar started to move in the water as her sails filled with the wind, which unexpectedly picked up. It was blowing 20-25 knots and “Shali” was having a great time on a beam reach away from Oahu.

We continued sailing for an hour away from Waikiki, the color of the water turned from turquoise to that indescribable blue you only sea in deep water here in Hawaii. Everyone was enjoying the sail as we tacked back in the direction of Honolulu and Turtle Canyon for snorkeling.

We are Circus people, so to have friends come sailing with us from show business was such a treat.  Normally Circus folk don’t have too much time for swimming as they are practicing or looking after their animals, so very rarely do they get much time to snorkel, so it was the first time for a lot of them and with hearts that know no fears stepped off from the boat with fins and masks and inflatable vests provided by Sail Oahu.

The water was warm, Turtles and triggerfish everywhere, I really enjoy just watching people watching sea life, our friends just held onto the tagline and watched another world under the sea, pretty cool!

Back in the slip, we all talked for hours. The great thing about Circus folk is even if you have never met before you are all family or your sisters married to her brother’s uncle, basically one big happy family!

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