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Sail Away with Sail Oahu, Waikiki’s luxury sailing charter

View of the SV Shalimar from above

Sail away with Sail Oahu, Waikiki’s luxury sailing charter.

Sail away with Sail Oahu, Waikiki’s luxury sailing charter

November is my favorite month to go sailing, the wind is mostly a bit stronger than the rest of the year and its a little cooler, so ideal sailing conditions.

SV Shalimar likes to sail, some boats are a bit sluggish or are best suited to staying close to shore, but this 70 foot lady likes to glide through the waves, not much phases her, sometimes I think its a shame to have to bring her back to the harbor, its like she just wants to keep going on a reach to Tahiti.

The crew made the boat ready before our guests arrived, there is always something to do. and if there isn’t the Captain will find something to be done.

Sailing Heaven

We set off at 11am, the tide wasn’t high which always helps jumping back on the boat after shoving off. It’s a bit embarrassing having to come back for a crew member!

The Captain gave the command to hoist the main and the staysail, and off we went again.

This is my favorite time, after everyone has a drink in their hands and are settled comfortably in their chairs, when you can just stand and breath the fresh air, see the white caps in the distance, and hear nothing, silence, as the boat sails along using only the power of the wind…magic!

Sail Oahu

World class yachting

The buffet lunch takes me about an hour to get served, once its on the table I call everyone for lunch and serve more drinks.

Everyones always happy with the spread.

Savory croissant sandwiches of ham, beef or turkey, with salad and dips, turkey, Swiss and beef wraps, shrimp cocktail, hummus, salsa and tortilla chips and dips, salad with our famous home made dressing, ahi poké and spicy ahi poké and fruit plate.

On special occasions we provide birthday cake, I love a bit of cake!

SV Shalimar Sail Oahu Buffet lunch

Lunch is served

After we sailed for 2 hours it was time to come back into the harbor and say “Au Revoir” to our new friends, they will be back soon to “Sail Oahu” with us.