Luxury snorkeling with turtles and dolphins on the pacific ocean

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On Sunday Sail Oahu went out for a 4 hour day sail. This included sailing, snorkeling with dolphins and turtles at Turtle Canyon. Also relaxing in our bean bag chairs on the spacious bow of our luxury yacht

The Garza family were enchanting, Mum, Dad, Aunty, the twins  and their daughter. The Pacific Ocean was beckoning as we sailed past the head buoy

Here at Sail Oahu we pride ourselves on giving the very best guest care and attention.  We aways try to go the extra mile. We providing every amenity that is needed or might be needed by our guests. This includes shampoo and conditioner after a hot shower when the snorkeling or swimming is over and a nice fluffy towel to wrap up in. We also provide sunscreen just in case you forget. You may get a little too many rays as the sun nearly always shines here in Hawaii.


Turtles are more or less guaranteed to be seen whilst snorkeling just off of Waikiki. At Turtle Canyon there is a “Turtle cleaning station.”

This is like a car wash, one turtle is in the “Bay” whilst others wait their turn to be cleaned by the trigger fish. It has to be seen to be believed!

We were overjoyed to be greeted by the most playful of all dolphins the Spinner dolphin, There was a whole pod of them, as the guests entered the warm water. The dolphins magically appeared, it was perfect timing!

After the excitement of the day everyone relaxed as we motored back towards the slip. the luxury buffet style lunch was served and this really was the end to a perfect daysail.

WHALE WATCHING, The Humpbacks return early this year, Welcome home!

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WHALE WATCHING – Humpback Whales
Nov 1, 2017 – Apr 1, 2018
We were sailing yesterday, the wind was blowing 15, we were clipping along at 9 knots with the main and the foresail flying when in the not too far off  a Whale spout, followed by another and a tail slap… They are back and early this year. Welcome home to the giants of the Pacific Ocean.
The entire crew from the Captain down are so looking forward to sailing with the Whales, theres nothing like a mother and calf surfacing next to the boat, the babies are so inquisitive, and always the Consort protecting them, theres something quite magical being able to look into their eyes and then they are gone to resurface again when the calf needs.
Here at Sail Oahu Whale watching is an art form,  and showing these beautiful mammals the utmost respect is our main concern
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